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Press Releases

AWEA Urges Department of Interior to Advance Offshore Wind Projects on One-Year Anniversary of Record-Breaking Lease Auctions

13 December 2019

This weekend represents the one-year anniversary of a record-breaking auction for three lease areas off the coast of Massachusetts. 

Press Releases

AWEA hires Stacey Kerans as Senior Director of Communications

12 December 2019

Seasoned Brand Marketing and Corporate Communications Executive to Lead AWEA’s Strategic Communications Initiatives.


Wind energy expansion and birds of prey: A Conservation partnership

12 December 2019

As a carbon-free energy source, wind power is a leading climate change solution. And that’s important to countless species threatened by a warming planet.

Press Releases

AWEA statement on Elizabeth Warren's "Blue New Deal"

11 December 2019

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) issued a statement regarding Elizabeth Warren's "Blue New Deal" Plan. 


AWEA board chair Rob Caldwell samples life in the “elevated office”

09 December 2019

AWEA board Chair and President of Duke Energy Renewables recently tried life at the “elevated office.”


OEM leaders from wind, solar and storage come together to discuss what’s next

05 December 2019

AWEA’s just-completed Clean Energy Executive Summit is a one-stop shop to gather intel on the latest clean energy trends.

Press Releases

AWEA statement on Connecticut's Park City Wind Announcement

05 December 2019

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) issued the following statement on Connecticut's Announcement on the Park City Wind Project.


New Jersey ups the ante on offshore wind

20 November 2019

Over the past few years, states up and down the East Coast have jockeyed for position as America’s offshore wind leader. Now New Jersey is making its move—Gov. Phil Murphy just announced the state is more doubling its offshore wind commitment to 7,500 megawatts by 2035.

Press Releases

AWEA applauds GREEN Act released by Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA)

19 November 2019

Tax policy parity with other sectors critical to meet consumer demand for clean energy


Fact Check: Robert Bryce continues pushing anti-wind fallacies

15 November 2019

Robert Bryce has a long history of promoting untruths about renewable energy. So much so that more than 50 journalists and educators once submitted a petition to then-New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane, imploring the paper to call out the special interest funding ties of op-ed writers...So it’s not surprising to see Bryce spreading more misinformation about wind energy in The Hill. Here’s a breakdown of what he gets wrong this time.


Winter is coming: Cold-related injury prevention awareness

12 November 2019

As winter approaches temperatures are dropping. It’s essential to be aware of cold-related injuries.


Saluting America’s wind power veterans: Teaching the next generation

11 November 2019

This Veterans Day we want to thank the thousands of wind workers who have served our country. Your teamwork, knowledge and dedication help make wind’s American success story possible.