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Press Releases

Largest WINDPOWER expo in years breezes into the Energy Capital of the World

20 May 2019

American Wind Energy Association leaders arrived in Houston to elect new Board members amid record US wind farm development

Press Releases

New report: Strengthening America’s “Electric Highway” will fast-track US economic growth

15 May 2019

Grid Vision highlights the many benefits of a robust transmission grid and the reforms needed to bring our electric infrastructure into the 21st century 

Press Releases

AWEA statement on the Renewable Energy Transferability Act

14 May 2019

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) issued the following statement reacting to Renewable Energy Transferability Act.


WINDPOWER 2019: Wind+ new customers

03 May 2019

WINDPOWER 2019 is in just two weeks! That gives you 14 days to get your schedule together to ensure a successful event. Every year CEOs tell us WINDPOWER is the most important four days in their business cycle. There is no other time that you can meet with every customer, every supplier and every partner in one location. 

Press Releases

AWEA statement on the Clean Energy for America Act

02 May 2019

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) statement on Clean Energy for America Act.


First quarter results: Records keep falling as wind pipeline hits all-time high

30 April 2019

AWEA’s newly-released first quarter market report shows just how busy American wind power is—a record 39,000 megawatts (MW) of new wind projects are now under construction or in advanced development.

Press Releases

US wind development pipeline grew by 6,146 MW in first quarter

26 April 2019

New AWEA report reveals more US wind power capacity under construction and advanced development than ever before


Wind breaks a new record in Southwest Power Pool

26 April 2019

This past weekend, wind power set a new record in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the regional grid that covers most of the midwestern United States. On April 21, wind’s share of power generation reached 66.5 percent for the region. According to SPP, wind provided 14,063 megawatts (MW) of its 21,148 MW total load.


WINDPOWER 2019: Why we’re celebrating Wind+

24 April 2019

American wind power emerged from 2018 stronger than ever, now with the ability to power 30 million homes after eight percent capacity growth last year. The newly released U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report, Year Ending 2018 reveals U.S. wind power supports a record 114,000 jobs, over 500 domestic factories, and more than $1 billion a year in revenue for states and communities hosting wind farms. This growth is bringing economic development to all 50 states and farming and factory towns in need of new opportunity– wind is working hard for America!


Fact check: New report on renewable portfolio standards misses the mark

23 April 2019

The University of Chicago (UCH) released a “working paper” this week examining renewable portfolio standards (RPSs). Unfortunately, it’s based on false pretenses and uses a questionable economic model to claim RPSs are substantially more costly to consumers than previously thought. While it is important to understand the effectiveness and impacts of these programs, the authors’ use of unrealistic assumptions and faulty logic leads to biased estimates that don’t align with real-world outcomes.

Press Releases

TransWest Express Transmission Project passes another major development hurdle

22 April 2019

Upgraded and expanded transmission infrastructure is essential to unlock homegrown renewable energy and further strengthen grid resilience


New industry research effort on wildlife takes flight with seven new promising projects

22 April 2019

Wind power is once again taking the lead on wildlife conservation. At AWEA’s Wind Project Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference, the Wind Wildlife Research Fund (WWRF), an industry-led initiative to pool investment for wind and wildlife solutions, announced support for seven research projects aimed at tackling the industry’s most difficult wildlife challenges. The initiatives are part of the industry’s efforts to maximize wind’s conservation potential.