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Press Releases

Wind powers opportunity: American Wind Week 2019 kicks off August 11

08 August 2019

America celebrates wind energy leadership at farms, factories, and ports across the nation

Press Releases

Record US wind farm development activity in 2Q driven by Fortune 500 brands, utilities, and state calls for offshore projects

01 August 2019

Key findings of the US wind industry second quarter 2019 report:

  • Record wind capacity under construction or advanced development, reaching nearly 42 GW;

  • Long-term contract volume for wind capacity is up 10 percent over the first half of 2018, buyers include Hormel Foods, Walmart, and Target;

  • Three states set new offshore wind targets and N.J. greenlighted the largest offshore project in the country to date;

  • A growing number of wind farms are selecting turbines nearly twice as powerful as the recent fleet average;

Press Releases

Post-show report: WINDPOWER 2019 Conference attendees caught a glimpse of the multi-tech trade show future

24 July 2019

WINDPOWER 2020 will be housed within CLEANPOWER, an efficient new exhibition hub featuring wind, solar, storage and more

Press Releases

Ohio House Bill 6 passage will lead to higher electric bills, fewer jobs, and lost clean energy investment

23 July 2019

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) expressed concern as the Ohio legislature took a major backwards step in its commitment to clean energy by passing House Bill 6 today.

Press Releases

Gov. Cuomo announces largest procurement of offshore wind power in US history

18 July 2019

New York selects two projects totaling nearly 1,700 MW in state’s first call for offshore wind project proposals

Press Releases

AWEA hires veteran regulatory attorney to lead offshore wind advocacy

09 July 2019

Laura Smith Morton will guide industry policy and regulatory strategies through crucial growth period

Press Releases

AWEA: Offshore wind tax credit extension will jumpstart US industry

26 June 2019

Two bills introduced in the Senate would extend the offshore wind Investment Tax Credit, drive infrastructure investment, and create American jobs

Press Releases

AWEA statement on the introduction of National Renewable Electricity Standard legislation in the Senate

26 June 2019

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) issued a statement in support of the Renewable Electricity Standard Act of 2019 introduced by Senator Tom Udall (D-NM), along with Senators Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Tina Smith (D-MN), and Angus King (I–ME).

Press Releases

AWEA statement on House Ways and Means tax extenders package

19 June 2019

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) issued a statement in response to the House Ways and Means Committee’s introduction of H.R. 3301, a tax extenders package that would prolong expired tax credits or credits expiring in 2019, including the wind energy Production Tax Credit (PTC), for one year.

Press Releases

Redundant Defense and Interior appropriations language risks delaying U.S. offshore wind

23 May 2019

Bills needlessly increase uncertainty as Bureau of Ocean Energy Management stakeholder engagement already consults with Department of Defense and public interests

Press Releases

AWEA statement on Gov. Hogan’s Clean Energy Jobs Act decision

22 May 2019

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced he will allow the Clean Energy Jobs Act to pass into law while outlining a bold clean energy agenda for the state

Press Releases

AWEA announces new CLEANPOWER exhibition hub

21 May 2019

WINDPOWER 2020 will be housed within CLEANPOWER, with new partners and programs for utility-scale wind, solar, and storage