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Sen. Ernst receives “U.S. Wind Champion Award”

14 January 2019

Senator earns recognition from AWEA for advancing Iowa cash crop: wind energy


2018 highlights: Six trends shaping the future of wind power

10 January 2019

2018 may be in the rearview mirror, but let’s take a moment to reflect on another year of incredible progress for American wind power. Wind energy made huge strides across the U.S., from the shores of Massachusetts all the way out to California and dozens of places in between. And that’s good news for families and businesses, because it means access to more affordable, reliable, clean electricity is on the way.


2018 highlights: Wind power takes wildlife conservation to the next level

04 January 2019

Last year, the American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) celebrated its 10 year anniversary. And there was no better way to mark the occasion than the creation of the new Wind Wildlife Research Fund.

Press Releases

Record-smashing auction dramatically expands Massachusetts’ offshore wind potential

14 December 2018

Equinor, Mayflower Wind Energy, and Vineyard Wind placed winning bids totaling $405 million to begin planning wind farms.

Press Releases

AWEA supports a level playing field for energy storage technologies

10 December 2018

Broad coalition of over 150 companies and energy groups ask Congress for a stand-alone storage ITC

Press Releases

Leading wind companies announce new Wind Wildlife Research Fund at biannual meeting of 400 researchers in Saint Paul

03 December 2018

First-of-its-kind fund will speed deployment of innovative solutions


Things we’re thankful for in 2018

21 November 2018

We have a lot to be thankful for so far in 2018. The wind industry is booming, offshore wind is scaling up, and industry growth is creating jobs and boosting rural economies. Wind continues to become more affordable, making way for a clean energy future in the US, and last week, we launched a new campaign to honor the veterans working in wind.


New Lazard report: Wind is more affordable than ever

20 November 2018

November is here, and that means peak foliage, turkey stuffing, and the release of Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy analysis. For electricity geeks, it’s an early holiday gift. And each year the gift keeps getting better and better for renewable energy.


Veterans Day 2018: Meet the veterans working in wind

12 November 2018

This Veterans Day AWEA is celebrating by launching a campaign to honor our Veterans. The U.S. wind industry proudly hires veterans at a rate 72 percent higher than the national average, and the skills, teamwork and dedication they acquire while serving are perfect fits for wind work. Last week, we visited wind projects in Texas and Illinois to meet some of our veterans and thank them for their service. 


New report: Renewables saved Texans $5.7 billion

12 November 2018

Like everything in Texas, wind power is super-sized in the Lone Star State. Texas has more installed wind capacity than the Oklahoma, Iowa and California combined, the states occupying slots two through four on America’s wind leader board. In fact, only four countries in the entire world have built more wind than Texas.


University of Texas study highlights wind’s low cost

09 November 2018

Wind, solar and natural gas have the lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) in the majority of counties across the United States, according to a new report from The University of Texas at Austin’s Energy Institute, part of a series of white papers on the Full Cost of Electricity...In the areas where wind was not the lowest cost resource, it was often the second lowest, with the average difference between the first and second least cost technology for all locations at $0.029/kilowatt hour (kWh).


National lab report confirms wind’s contributions to a reliable power system

05 November 2018

There is an all too common misconception among policy makers, regulators, and power market participants that wind energy isn’t reliable, and that turbines can’t provide essential grid reliability services. In reality, wind turbines can provide many of the services needed for reliable grid operations, including voltage and reactive power control, frequency response, active power control, and voltage and frequency ride-through. That means wind energy can help boost the overall reliability of America’s electricity grid.