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AWEA spotlights industry operations and safety leaders

Acciona Energy USA Global, Apex Clean Energy, Duke Energy Renewables, EDF Renewables North America, JMS Wind Energy, Liberty Power, Shermco, and Third Planet Windpower today received awards at AWEA’s O&M and Safety Conference.
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) today recognized eight companies for their leadership in the fields of operations and safety. Each year, AWEA’s Excellence in Operations and Safety and Health Excellence Recognition programs help spotlight companies that go above and beyond to prioritize operational efficiency and workforce safety.

Acciona Energy USA Global is the winner of the 2020 Excellence in Operations Award. The award recognizes organizations that promote excellence, advance best safety practices, and break through traditionally held barriers by advancing operations through non-traditional methods.

Acciona has implemented a unique and innovative approach to safety training that makes the company a worthy recipient of the award. Acciona's Think Safe training program includes an "escape room" concept, in which trainees are placed inside an immersive mystery scenario with limited information and use advanced problem solving to progress. The Think Safe immersion training led to improved critical thinking skills amongst Acciona staff.

“Acciona’s original and engaging approach to safety training exemplifies the sort of innovation that drives the wind industry forward,” said Amy Farrell, Senior Vice President, Government & Public Affairs at AWEA. “We applaud the company for promoting critical thinking and improving workplace safety.”

AWEA also recognized seven companies for their dedication to advancing safety and health in the wind industry through the Safety and Health Excellence Recognition Program. This program highlights the companies’ commitment to environmental, health, and safety (EHS) best practices and for laudable safety achievements.

AWEA’s Safety and Health Recognition Award was presented to Apex Clean Energy, Duke Energy Renewables, EDF Renewables North America, JMS Wind Energy, Liberty Power, Shermco, and Third Planet Windpower. The award recognizes each company for demonstrating safety as a core value and for their active participation in AWEA’s efforts to advance EHS in the industry.

“AWEA congratulates each of these companies for their dedication to workforce safety,” said Michele Mihelic, Senior Director of Standards & Asset Management at AWEA. “The American wind industry is proud to go above and beyond to ensure that our workers have a safe and healthy environment to perform their jobs and supply clean energy across the country.”

All of the awards were presented at AWEA’s annual Wind Project Operations & Maintenance and Safety Conference in San Diego. This annual conference brings together industry professionals to identify and solve unique challenges in the health & safety, O&M, workforce training & development, and quality assurance sectors.

The vision and content for the conference are put together by AWEA’s O&M and Safety Committees. Throughout the year, these committees also develop important resources for the industry including recommended practicesstandards, safety awareness campaignsOSHA 10 trainingsafety data collection, and more. Any AWEA member interested in joining an O&M or Safety committee can contact

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