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AWEA Updates

Week November 16

NYSERDA State of the Science Workshop: Cumulative Impacts to Wildlife from Offshore Wind Energy

NYSERDA's Environmental Technical Working Group's (E-TWG) virtual State of the Science Workshop on Wildlife and Offshore Wind Energy was held this week. Tomorrow, November 20th is the final day. This year's program is focused on cumulative impacts to wildlife from offshore wind energy development. The workshop is free of charge. Registration for the workshop has closed. More information can be found on E-TWG's website. The final report on the 2018 workshop proceedings can be found here.

National Wind Coordinating Collaborative (NWCC) Holds Virtual Wind Wildlife Research Meeting, including topics related to offshore wind

The NWCC's 13th biennial Wind Wildlife Research Meeting provides a forum for wind-wildlife stakeholders—wind energy developers, academics, research biologists, environmental consultants, non-governmental organizations, and officials from local, state, and federal governmental agencies—to share the latest scientific findings related to addressing impacts to wildlife from wind energy. The 13th biennial meeting will feature a panel on December 3rd titled "Technology Solutions and Application for Offshore Wind and Wildlife" which will discuss the state of technology development and its application to address wind-wildlife issues and concerns for offshore wind, including an overview of technologies and discussion of how various types of technologies can be integrated at offshore facilities with a view on the U.S. and European markets. The panel will also discuss what types and amounts of data are needed, and at what frequency, to inform effective responses and adaptive management for wildlife impacts offshore. Visit the event website for information about the schedule and on-demand content and to register for the meeting.

NJBPU Expands Transmission Planning for Offshore Wind

On November 18, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities issued an order formally requesting that PJM incorporate the state’s goal of 7500 MW of offshore wind into transmission planning, via the State Agreement Approach. Under the State Agreement Approach (which has never been successfully used), New Jersey customers would ultimately be responsible for the costs of transmission infrastructure developed to meet the offshore wind goals. PJM will conduct a competitive solicitation in 2021 on behalf of the BPU, as part of the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan, and the BPU recommends the solicitation evaluate upgrading the PJM grid to on-shore substation, from on-shore sub-stations to offshore collector platforms, and offshore transmission lines. The Order also identifies four substations to focus on, and notes, that the first two solicitations will proceed under currently-planned transmission (Ocean Wind and the eventual second project selected will not be required to use the coordinated transmission approach).

Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA) Holds Advisory Committee meeting on November 23rd

ROSA's next Advisory Council meeting, which is open to the public, will be held on November 23. Details are forthcoming. The first meeting of the Advisory Council took place on September 28; that agenda can be viewed here and presentations from the meeting can be viewed here. You can view a list of Advisory Council members here.

ROSA calls for research advisor applications

ROSA is seeking applications for Research Advisors: scientists and subject matter experts who will provide guidance to ROSA on matters related to scientific research. They are aiming to develop a pool of advisors who represent a broad range of expertise and sectors, including governmental agencies, academia, industry (fishing and offshore wind), and other organizations. Research Advisors will be called upon as needed to support ROSA on research relating to their areas of expertise. To learn more about the opportunity and apply, visit the Leadership page on the ROSA website. The application deadline is December 18.

GE Haliade-X Offshore Turbine breaks 24-hour generation record

GE Renewable Energy's Haliade-X prototype recently set a new world record for electricity generation with 312 MWh produced in a single 24-hour period, according to the company. The record was achieved after the 12 MW prototype operating in the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands was uprated to 13 MW operating capacity. For a more tangible sense of how powerful these turbines are, GE provides the following data points for its Haliade-X: one rotation of its 220-meter rotor diameter can power one average size UK household for more than 2 days. One turbine operating at full capacity can power up to 16,000 European households, assuming wind conditions at a typical German North Sea site. In November, the turbine received its type certification from DNV GL for the 12 MW mode and testing will continue for the 13 MW mode into 2021. GE expects the 13 MW mode to also receive type certification. GE landed a large initial contract for 190 units of the 13 MW turbines to be deployed in the first two stages (2,470 MW) of the UK's Dogger Bank offshore wind project (total project size 3,600 MW). GE's competitors are advancing their own platforms. In May 2020, Siemens Gamesa, which has the most operating offshore wind capacity globally, launched a 14 MW unit with a 222 meter rotor diameter. This is large step up from the company's currently largest available turbine, an 11 MW unit with 200-meter rotor. MHI Vestas currently has three models of its medium-speed geared turbine platform: the V174-9.5, V164-10.0 and V164-9.5. MHI Vestas has not publicly announced development of a larger turbine, but it assuredly has its own step change development plan underway for a unit in the 12-15 MW space. On October 29, Vestas announced it will buy out the 50% share in the MHI Vestas joint venture held by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI).

Long-term contracts approved for Mayflower Wind

The 804 MW Mayflower Wind project — a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell and EDP — received approval for a series of 20-year power purchase contracts at a combined price of $77.76/MWh. The PPAs include both energy and renewable energy credits. The 408 MW first phase of Mayflower wind is expected to reach commercial operation by September 1, 2025, while the 396 MW second phase is expected online by December 15, 2025.

AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER Virtual Summit Content Now Available

Recordings of all sessions are now available on the conference web page. Log in with your unique ID emailed with your registration confirmation to view. Handouts and other content can also be downloaded from the conference app or by clicking here. Access on-demand content here and the poster gallery here.

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