America’s new ocean energy resource

The U.S. has a vast offshore wind energy resource. Our shores possess a power potential of more than 2,000 gigawatts (GW), nearly double the nation's current electricity use. This potential presents an enormous opportunity to deliver large amounts of clean and reliable electricity to the country’s largest population centers, where it’s needed most.

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Webinar Recording: The Progression of the Offshore Wind Market after Block Island Sponsored by Arup

In this webinar, Arup offshore wind leader Cameron Dunn will be discussing what’s advanced since Block Island came online. With many more offshore wind developments in the works, these are at least a few years out before they generate energy for the East Coast. In this informative webinar, Arup’s offshore wind specialists will be exploring how the market has advanced since 2016, looking at supply chain, approved projects and foundation options. This webinar will also discuss lessons the industry can learn and how Arup sees the East Coast market developing over the coming years.

Speaker: Cameron Dunn , U.S. Offshore Wind Leader, Arup

AWEA would like to extend a special thank you to our webinar sponsor!


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Webinar Recording: U.S. Offshore Installation Vessels & Ports Now and in the Future

By the beginning of 2018 U.S. eastern statescommitted to a pipeline of 8200 MW of offshore wind to be built over the next decade.At this scale investments in U.S. infrastructure will be justified. Drawing on the experience and engineering efforts of two experts in this area this webinar recording provides insights into construction of vessels and ports to prepare for the planned build-out of U.S. offshore wind farms. First Karel Wagner of GustoMSC draws on the company’s expertise in design and engineering of wind turbine installation vessels which have installed the majority of offshore wind turbines and foundations erected in Europe to date. Wind turbine installation jack-ups are the solution of choice in Europe due to their efficient flexible and robust characteristics. In the U.S. the Jones Act port restrictions supply chain limitations growing turbine sizes and relatively large water depths are specific aspects that need to be addressed. Mr. Wagner will discuss some of the key parameters driving the design of a wind turbine installation jack-up in order to understand what suitable U.S. installation jack-up solutions may look like. The second part by Willett Kempton describes the result of a multi-contractor DOE-sponsored engineering study that developed an innovative concept of building turbine structures in port from subsea structure up to the nacelle. The complete turbine and foundation are carried by a DP2 heavy lift crane vessel in one piece and placed on the sea floor without jacking up.The vessel and port can be designed to optimize this approach.With this method most of the construction activity and labor are completed in port which reduces cost and elapsed time of construction.

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WINDPOWER 2015-Offshore Wind in the U.S. – Past Present and Future

Offshore Wind in the U.S. – Past Present and Future While Europe has over 20 years and many gigawatts of experience with offshore wind 2015 is expected to be the year that construction starts on the first U.S. offshore wind project. This panel reviews what it has taken to get here and then dives deeper into the factors driving the present and future growth in the offshore wind industry. Session Chair/Moderator: Brian O’Hara President Southeastern Wind Coalition Thomas Brostrøm Head of Markets Pipeline – Director DONG Energy Wind PowerUffe Vinther-Schou Chief Sales Officer MHI Vestas Offshore WindMary Doswell Senior Vice President of Retail and Alternative Energy Solutions Dominion ResourcesPaul Gallagher Acting Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel Fishermen’s EnergyDoug Pfeister Director Co-Regional Head Americas The Renewables Consulting Group

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WINDPOWER 2019 Pre-Conference -The Growing Offshore Wind Industry: Supply Chain Projections and Opportunities Through 2030

This product includes the streaming and downloads from WINDPOWER 2019 Pre-Conference - The Growing Offshore Wind Industry: Supply Chain Projections and Opportunities Through 2030. Offshore wind projects are ramping up preparations to install the first large-scale offshore wind projects in the U.S., and developers will need to find the most cost-effective supply chain options for this nascent U.S. industry. These developers are drawing upon the expertise and products from the decades-old offshore oil & gas energy industry, but offshore wind is not business-as-usual for this established energy source. This seminar will provide a helpful tutorial for those just getting started in this market by estimating the supply chain deliverables, both in terms of quantities and cost; shedding light on the procurement process; and laying out timelines.