America’s new ocean energy resource

The U.S. has a vast offshore wind energy resource. Our shores possess a power potential of more than 2,000 gigawatts (GW), nearly double the nation's current electricity use. This potential presents an enormous opportunity to deliver large amounts of clean and reliable electricity to the country’s largest population centers, where it’s needed most.

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Offshore 2015 - Scaling up the U.S. Supply Chain

Scaling up the U.S. Supply Chain Wondering what opportunities and needs exist in the supply chain to meet the first wave of U.S. offshore wind project? A panel of industry experts describes how a new domestic supply chain is taking shape along the US East Coast and Great Lakes Region. Learn about the initial vessels being used on the Block Island Project and plans for other regions how cables are being designed and manufactured for U.S. installations how the Port Authority is supporting initial coastal installation infrastructure and the future coastal manufacturing needs and the impact of an effective Quality Management System and Project Execution Plan in related complex projects. Discover what’s needed most as U.S. coastal wind farms are developed and approved and how to qualify for work in this new industry.Session Chair: Patrick Fullenkamp Director Technical Services GLWN™ Joel Whitman Principal Whitman Consulting Group Inc. Patrick Creekmore Marine Offshore Engineering Manager Marine Offshore Engineering DNV GL - Oil GasEven Larsen Head of Commercial and Projects Fred Olsen Windcarrier ASJim Walker Director of Navigation Policy and Legislation American Association of Port Authorities

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Offshore 2015 - The Path to Successful Permitting: Wildlife Considerations

The Path to Successful Permitting: Wildlife Considerations Permitting an offshore wind farm project is a complex process involving the need to take into account a wide range of environmental technical and engineering challenges as well as a consideration of the commercial imperatives of project viability. The industry is reliant on permitting to develop projects create a supply chain and attract investment. In this session environmental experts and developers discuss what is necessary to protect the environment whilst delivering commercial scale renewable energy projects. Hear how open early and frank engagement between regulators stakeholders and developers is critical to the success of a project and consider whether the permitting process could be more streamlined and efficient. There is a growing body of evidence on the interactions between the marine environment and offshore wind so this is a timely discussion and exchange of best practices. Session Chair: Carolyn Heeps PhD Development Strategy Director RES Katt Preston Marine Wildlife Senior Project Manager Alpine - A Gardline Company Gardline Environmental Ltd Kate Williams Wildlife and Renewable Energy Program Director Biodiversity Research Institute Catherine Bowes Senior Manager National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Bill Wall Director Technical Operations US Wind

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Offshore 2015 - Welcome and Opening General Session

Welcome Opening General Session Leaders and top government officials of the wind industry give a top level view of the state of the offshore industry and what their organizations and agencies are doing to advance it. A panel of experts follows to discuss recent highlights and changes in the U.S. offshore wind market and where we go from here. Tom Kiernan Chief Executive Officer American Wind Energy Association Abigail Ross Hopper Director Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Jose Zayas Director Wind Water Power Technologies Office Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy U.S. Department of Energy U.S. Offshore Wind – a Look AheadModerator: Joan M. Bondareff Of Counsel Blank Rome LLP and Vice Chair Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority Andy Geissbuehler Vice President General Manager Alstom Renewable Power - Wind North AmericaBenjamin G. Foley PE General Manager - Offshore Renewables Keystone Engineering Inc.Sandra Whitehouse PhD Senior Policy Advisor Ocean ConservancyBryan Martin Managing Director D. E. Shaw Co.

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Offshore Wind Weekly

The AWEA Offshore Wind Weekly is an e-brief that delivers timely, relevant news on the offshore wind industry, directly to your inbox every Thursday. It will cover updates on what work AWEA is doing on behalf of the offshore wind industry, top offshore news, current events and announcements.

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Offshore WINDPOWER 2018 Recordings

Industry experts share the latest research and important insights into the wind industry from the Offshore WINDPOWER 2018 Conference in this presentation package available for purchase. This education package includes streaming recordings, presentation handouts, and posters from the conference.

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Support Offshore Wind Website

Offshore wind power is the next major source of clean energy in the United States. The U.S. has a vast offshore wind energy resource which can support tens of thousands of new jobs, strengthen coastal economies, and deliver vast amounts of clean, reliable energy to American communities. America’s shores possess a power potential of more than 2,000 gigawatts (GW), nearly double the nation’s current electricity use. Join the American Wind Energy Association and #SupportOffShoreWind

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The Economic Impact of U.S. Offshore Wind Power

U.S. offshore wind is taking shape in waters off the coast across the country. Learn more about the abundant potential of this new ocean energy resource.

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U.S. Offshore Wind Poised for Exponential Growth

Washington, DC – The U.S. offshore wind industry is set to deliver significant economic benefits over the next decade, according to the new report, U.S. Offshore Wind Power Economic Impact Assessment, released today by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). In addition to providing clean, affordable, and reliable power, AWEA estimates that developing 30,000 megawatts (MW) of offshore wind along the East Coast could support up to 83,000 jobs and deliver $25 billion in annual economic output by 2030.
“Offshore wind is key to the future of clean energy development in the U.S. and will add to a thriving wind power industry that already represents the largest source of renewable energy in the country,” said AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan. “The offshore wind industry will create tens of thousands of jobs and provide billions of dollars to the economy, while delivering on its enormous untapped potential to power major population centers up and down the East Coast.”
Market projections anticipate 20,000 to 30,000 MW of offshore wind capacity will be operational by 2030, representing up to $57 billion of investment in the U.S. economy. AWEA’s report estimates that developing this amount of offshore wind will support up to 45,000 jobs by 2025 and 83,000 jobs by 2030, depending on the level of offshore wind build and supply chain growth within the U.S. In addition, the development, construction, and operation of offshore wind projects in the U.S. will deliver annual economic output totaling as much as $14 billion in 2025 and $25 billion in 2030.
States along the East Coast are driving demand for offshore wind. Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia have targets to procure a total of 25,400 MW of offshore wind before 2035. These policies provide certainty for the industry and will enable investment in the American offshore wind supply chain. 
“State leaders are seeing the environmental and economic promise of offshore wind and are stepping in to provide the vision and policies to help this industry quickly achieve scale,” Kiernan said. “Offshore wind, following on the rapid proliferation of land-based wind over the past decade, is positioned to achieve significant growth and deliver jobs and economic output along the East Coast and throughout the rest of the country.”
The offshore wind industry is poised to build on the massive growth experienced by its land-based counterpart. As noted in the report, the land-based wind industry grew from supporting 100 domestic manufacturing facilities and 50,000 jobs in 2007 to more than 500 facilities and 114,000 jobs today. Last year, land-based wind power reached more than 100 GW of operating capacity, a four-fold increase from 2008. Offshore wind is set for a similarly rapid expansion, creating new opportunities for port revitalization and vessel construction. Project developers and manufacturers have already announced more than $1.3 billion of planned investments in port infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, and supply chain development to support offshore wind.

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Webinar Recording: AWEA Offshore Committee Webinar Series: U.S. Offshore Wind - Where Are We Now?

This webinar recording will provide you with an update on the latest developments in the U.S. offshore wind industry including: Where and whenprojects are being built Policies that can help move this industry forward Exciting new technologies working to bring this clean energy resource to parts of the ocean once deemed off-limits AWEA’s Offshore Wind Committee Chair and Vice-Chairs respectively along with Nancy Sopko (AWEA) discussedtheir expert views of the offshore wind industry. Speakers: Nancy Sopko Manager Advocacy Federal Legislative Affairs AWEA Carolyn Heeps Development Strategy Manager RESPaul Rich Director Project Development U.S. Wind Inc.

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Webinar Recording: Offshore Wind: The Louisiana Advantage

This webinar recording is free to members and $49 non-members.

The Gulf of Mexico’s unparalleled strengths in offshore energy uniquely positions Louisiana to contribute to the burgeoning offshore wind industry, one that is anticipated to create nearly 83,000 jobs and contribute $57 billion to the US economy by 2030. Louisiana firms are already contributing to the industry along the Atlantic coast, but now is the time to plan for offshore wind development on the Gulf coast to realize the industry’s considerable benefits for Louisiana’s ports, coastal communities, fabrication facilities and uniquely adept workforce.

Join us for an introductory webinar to the offshore wind industry, and hear from industry experts on the state of offshore wind across the country on why this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity that is ripe for Louisiana.

Whether you’re already in the offshore energy space looking to enter into this exciting industry, an organization that is interested in a new industry that offers workforce opportunities for Louisianans, an elected official or an economic developer eager to learn about offshore wind’s supply chain potential, this webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn from experts in their field.

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Webinar Recording: Overview of U.S. State-Level Offshore Wind Policies and Procurement Activities

The pace of offshore wind energy procurement in the United States has rapidly accelerated in recent years. U.S. states along the Atlantic Coast have set procurement goals for offshore wind energy to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards and serve state policy objectives. Currently, projects with a total capacity of 6.4 gigawatts (GW) have established long-term contracts with utility off-takers. This webinar will out these recent developments into context by:Providing an overview of state-level offshore wind policies in the United StatesDescribing trends in offshore wind power purchase agreements (PPAs) and offshore renewable energy credit (OREC) contractsExplaining difference in support regimes across U.S. states with respect to statutory authority and solicitation proceduresComparing and contrasting state offshore wind procurement mechanism, specifically focusing on how they are integrated in to RPS policies, wholesale market participation, revenue allocation, cost containment, and transmission considerations.

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Webinar Recording: The Growing U.S. Offshore Wind Market and the Impact on Substation Development Sponsored by Arup

We’re seeing the US is ready to take advantage of the development of new, large turbines for offshore wind and the benefits of cost reduction achieved in the European market, but the picture is still very complex. Substations add a further layer of complexity but do present a huge opportunity for developers and investors. View this webinar recording to find out how the industry can take advantage of offshore substations, total foundation designs and what the future of the US offshore wind market may hold.