Implementing quality practices helps companies minimize risk, maximize value, and empower employees to take ownership. The quality of processes across business lines ensures confidence and operational excellence. Whether focusing on construction, operations, or safety, AWEA provides support with a platform of targeted guidelines aimed at providing steps needed to achieve operational excellence.

Download AWEA's Quality Assurance Guidelines document. This document, created by the Quality Assurance subcommittee, provides guidelines on what a quality assurance program should entail. Utilize this document to help develop or improve a quality program for wind generation. A quality program preserves your asset value, reduces operating cost, reduces your safety risk, and assures compliance to expectations.


Additional resources include Quality during Wind Project Construction, Lean in an Operational Environment, and Defining Quality in an O&M Context. Click here for all quality assurance resources.

AWEA Quality Assurance Subcommittee

AWEA members can join the subcommittee and support the wind energy industry on quality and operational excellence. The subcommittee serves as a network for information sharing on key policy, business, technical issues, and developments impacting quality programs.

The subcommittee promotes quality and operational excellence during the construction, operation, and both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of wind farms through the generation of educational materials.

If you are interested in joining the Quality Assurance Subcommittee, please email AWEA staff liaison Sabrina Morelli at