Operating existing wind projects represents a growing part of the U.S. wind industry and offers new business opportunities. When properly maintained and operated, wind turbines can provide large amounts of power, cleanly and reliably, at prices competitive with any other new electricity source. Operations and maintenance, safety management systems, and other project reliability activities are critical elements impacting the sector.

Operations and Maintenance Subcommittee and Working Groups

AWEA's Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Subcommittee and its working groups provide a forum for members to network, share information and develop the industry standards. The committees develop recommended practices for effective operation and maintenance procedures, and ensure education and technician training programs deliver the essential knowledge and skills needed for wind projects. AWEA members are invited to participate on committees. Contact us at om@awea.org to join the O&M Committee.

Excellence in Operations Award

The AWEA Excellence in Operations Award recognizes an individual, a company, or a wind farm for excellence in efficient and effective operation of a wind farm collaborating with others in the wind industry to improve the quality of O&M services. The Excellence in Operations Award is presented at the annual AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference.


AWEA Operations and Maintenance Recommended Practices

These recommended practices are the creation of dozens of expert wind project operators, engineers, technicians, and designers who have teamed up to provide state-of-the-art guidance on the operation and maintenance of modern wind turbines and projects. The recommended practices are available online at the AWEA Bookstore.