Take a Hand in Safety, Protect These Tools

Did you know that each hand contains 27 distinct bones and more than 90% of all injuries are due to human error? The 2019 campaign Take a Hand in Safety: Protect These Tools, provides the information you need on hand safety and how to recognize potential risks and strategies to avoid injury.

Protect these Tools, Hand Safety Awareness Campaign Webinar

The campaign kicked off on October 1 with a webinar, click here to view the recording (running time 21:42). On this webinar, you will learn about hand safety facts, common pinch points in a wind turbine, steps to take to avoid hand injuries, and stories from the field. We also provide an overview of campaign materials and ways you can be involved during the campaign.

This year we provide a variety of campaign materials. There are several support documents available:

  • Training material: PowerPoint presentation
  • Hand safety job aid
  • Glove matrix
  • Hand safety framework and sample policy

Click here to access the support documents.

We also have stories from the field, hand injury profiles from professionals in the wind energy industry. Click here to see these stories and lessons learned.

AWEA is providing two hard hat stickers this year. Shipping is free. Email safety@awea.org. We have enough for all of your team members.

There are two print-ready safety posters for you to display in common areas.

Click here to download. Click here to download.

Ways You Can Participate

Here are ways you can utilize the campaign materials and support the safety campaign:

  • Watch the October 1 webinar with your team, click here.
  • Download the materials and share on your company intranet.
  • Use the materials in your training and safety meetings.
  • Print the posters and display in common areas.
  • Share the stickers with your team.

Previous safety campaign materials are available online at www.awea.org/safetycampaigns

A special thank you to the members of the AWEA Safety Campaign Working Group for designing and contributing to this campaign.