Please review the descriptions and eligibility requirements before choosing the appropriate committee(s), aligned with your area of expertise and interest. 

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By checking the box below, I affirm that I have reviewed AWEA’s Antitrust, Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest Policies and Engagement Ground Rules and that I understand, and will comply with them. I understand that adherence to these is expected in order to participate on this committee. I understand that if I share confidential information with others in my company on a need-to-know basis per the Confidentiality policy, I need to ensure they are instructed to similarly keep that information confidential.

I understand AWEA collects and may store personal data from me to provide products and services I’ve requested, to improve customer service, and to better understand what products and content I find useful.  AWEA may also aggregate this data to analyze trends to better understand what our members value.  I understand I may at any time withdraw consent for use of my data, or request to have my data updated or removed, by contacting   Please see our privacy policy for more information.