AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference

February 26 - 27, 2020
Hotel Del Coronado | Coronado, CA 

Below are the categories for submissions, along with descriptions and sub-topics associated with them.  While the program committee welcomes all topics related to both wind onshore, offshore and solar operations, the topics which are starred* have been identified as priority points of discussion for the program.

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1. Availability

2. Data
Proposal topics related to the data aspects impacting the operations, maintenance, safety and workforce front. Proposals will address the implications of the importance of data collection and what the industry can do with that data. Areas of emphasis: EHS, Workforce, components, O&M efficiency and reliability.  

  • Operations 
  • Component 
  • Drivetrain* 
  • Safety*  
  • Workforce 

3. Electrical

  • Balance of Plant 
  • SCADA 
  • Collection, Transformation and transmission 
  • Splice failures 
  • Cable system fails  

Proposals on the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) topics relating to the wind energy industry. These topics should focus on effective and innovative strategies that ensure improvements to EHS programs impacting the onshore, offshore, construction, etc. Areas of special emphasis: SPCC, Safety Management Systems. 

  • Behavioral Safety 
  • Construction*  
  • Digitalization* 
  • Logistics* 
  • Ownership of Safety 
  • Fitness for Duty 
  • Incident/Hazard Review (fires, blade, construction, data, data sharing) 
  • Electrical – QEW, LOTO, Arc Flash  
  • Real examples of programs 
  • Rescue  

5. Quality Assurance*  
Proposals are invited to focus on quality assurance practices during the construction, operations, and maintenance of wind projects. Topics may include best practices, processes, and tools that reduce costs, minimize risk, increase efficiency, and maximize the overall value of wind generation assets.  

6. Workforce 

American wind energy now supports over 100k jobs in all 50 states, including over 6000 wind technician jobs. This ever-increasing demand is changing the dynamics of the workplace and workforce in the wind industry. Proposals should explore the challenges and opportunities facing the wind industry workforce. Topics of emphasis: human performance, training needs – OTJ v. Classroom, developing in house training programs, future of the workforce.  

  • Human Performance*  
  • Workforce Development – Training needs – OJT vs. Classroom 
  • Brining training in-house  
  • Workforce Development Data – Compensation information 
  • Certification/Accreditation – what we are doing on that workforce front 
  • What do you want to see in your entry level hires 
  • What does the future workforce look like?* 

7. Operational Strategy
Operational Strategy proposals will address strategies and challenges facing the overall operations of the wind plant (park). Topics addressing how an organization will allocate resources in order to support infrastructure and production. An operations strategy is typically driven by the overall organization to maximize the effectiveness of production, efficiency for the purpose of lowering the cost of energy. Topics including: 

  • Asset Management 
  • Crane-less work* 
  • Design for Safety  
  • Repowering  
  • Monetize the value of O&M 
  • Strategies for Operator O&M Success, Insurance and Warranty Strategies, Asset Manager Strategies 
  • Utility perspective 
  • Life extension 
  • Multiemployer – dealing with host employer, dealing with subs 

8. Maintenance 

9. Regulatory Compliance
Topics will focus on regulatory compliance impacts on the operations of wind energy plants. Areas of relevance would include: NERC, GADS, CIPs, consensus standards (ANSI, ISO, IEC, etc.), recordkeeping changes, OSHA compliance, and others.   

10. Performance and Reliability
Topics will focus on all aspects of wind turbine performance, reliability, and operational improvements. Proposals can address business implications and solutions, or explore analysis and studies related to improving reliability and/or turbine performance, including the design of components to las for the lifetime of the turbine. Other potential topics include scientific approaches to performance testing and new technologies that measure power quality, structural loads, vibration, noise, etc.  

11. Turbine Component
Topics will focus on large-scale turbine component design and analysis. Topics can include drivetrain, blade, pitch system, yaw drive, electrical controls, blade design, composite materials, and design of towers and other components and subsystem.  

  • Towers/Foundation 
  • Gear Oil testing –Oil Debris monitoring 
  • Blade diagnostics & issues 

12. Structural 
Topics are to focus on large-scale turbine component design and analysis. Topics will include design and testing of foundations, towers, and/or structural integrity.  

13. Market outlook/O&M trends*  

  • Repowering outlook  
  • 3-5 year outlook 
  • 5 years and beyond  

14. Other

  • PV 
  • Storage 
  • emerging technologies

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