[Free-Use Image] Wind farm in Texas.  [Free-Use Image] Wind turbines with pumpjack.
[Free-Use Image] Wind farm near Roscoe, TX. [Free-Use Image] Wind farm with barn.
[Free-Use B-roll] Aerial footage.  [Free-Use B-roll] Cows with turbines.
[Free-Use B-roll] Turbine top to bottom.  [Infographic] Annual land lease payments.
[Infographic] C&I purchases of wind [Infographic] Wind bipartisan
[Infographic] State and local tax payments [Infographic] Investment overview
[Infographic] U.S. wind projects map [Infographic] Wind jobs by state
[Infographic] Wind manufacturing by state AWEA U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report
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Jake Thompson - Wind worker profile. Blackwell School District 313 Letter
WINDPOWER 2019 Conference Press Advisory Video from press conference at Greater Houston
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