This award honors an individual wind professional who has consistently demonstrated strong leadership, integrity, values, vision, commitment to excellence, and commitment to the wind community.  

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Individual has had a significant impact in the wind energy industry over the past year
  • Individual is in a leadership position and has shown commitment to building a future with clean, affordable, and homegrown wind energy
  • Individual has demonstrated innovation and has helped advance the U.S. wind energy industry
  • Individual has been a strong advocate of wind energy by showcasing the importance of wind energy to state and federal policymakers, and/or
  • Individual has been integral in building partnerships across different facets of the industry

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Past Winners

2014  Siemens
2013  Edward Lowe, General Electric
2012   Karen Conover, DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability
2011   Britt Theismann (award will now be known as “Britt Theismann Wind Energy   
            Person of the Year”)
2009   T. Boone Pickens, Mesa Power, LP
2008   Michael Skelly, Horizon Wind Energy
2007   Jim Walker, enXco
2005   Nolan Clark & Crew/USDA Agricultural Research Service
2004   Stephen Reuwer, FPL Energy
2003   Rick Walker and Ward Marshall, AEP Energy Service
2002   Dean Gosselin, FPL Energy
2000   Jaime Steve and Hap Boyd
1999   David Blittersdorf, NRG (Outstanding Contribution to the Wind Industry)
1997   Dr. Robert Thresher, NWTC
1996   Nancy Rader
1994   Michael Bergey
1992   Michael Marvin and Ed Ing
1991   Ken Karas
1990   Dale Osborn
1988   Paul Gipe
1987   Chuck Davenport 
            Bob Lynette
            Len Rogers and Hawaii Electric Renewable Systems
1986   Gerald Alderson
1985   Bob Sherwin
1984   Richard Farrell
1983   Jay Carter, Jr.