This award honors wind resource and project energy assessment professionals and companies whose technical work and innovation have contributed to the advancement of the industry.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Technical contribution significantly advances the level of technical quality in the industry.
  • Achievement is innovative and broadly applicable in the wind industry.
  • Innovation contributes to making wind power applicable to broader areas and accessible to larger populations.
  • Achievement results in more productive or durable equipment and systems available to the wind industry, and/or 
  • Achievement results in lower-cost wind power delivered to target customers.

The Technical Achievement Award will be presented at the AWEA Wind Resource & Project Energy Assessment Conference.

The deadline to submit a nomination is Tuesday, August 4. 

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Past Winners

2018   Nicholas Robinson, UL
2017   Erik Hale, EDF Renewable Energy
2016   Melissa Elkinton, DNV GL
2014   Dr. James Manwell, Wind Energy Center, Department Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Massachusetts 
2013   GL Garrad Hassan (accepted on behalf of company by Clint Johnson)
2012   Bill Holley, GE Energy
2011   Bill Erdman, BEW Engineering, Inc.
2010   Sandy Butterfield, Chief Engineer, National Wind Technology Center (Outstanding Technical Contribution to the Wind Industry)
2007   Dick Piwko, Nick Miller, Gary Jordan, and Kara Clark, GE Energy, wind integration study team.
2006   Jeff Petter, Northern Power Systems
2005   Bob Zavadil/EnerNex Corporation, Windlogics, Brent Reardon/FPL
2004   Second Wind
2003   Robert Errichello, Geartech
2002   Brian Smith, National Wind Technology Center
2001   Brian McNiff, McNiff Light Industries
2000   Walt Musial and the NWTC Test Team 
            Sandy Butterfield
1999   Ben Bell, Enron Wind Corp (Technical Excellence Award)
            Robert Poore, Kamzin Technology (Technical Excellence Award) 
            Patrick and Henderson (Technical Innovation Award)
1998   Alan Wright, National Wind Technology Center
1997   Paul Veers, Sandia Lab and Dr. Robert Wilson, Oregon State University
1996   Amir Mikhail, Zond Corporation
1995   National Wind Technology Center
1994   Dr. Dennis Elliott, Pacific Northwest Laboratory
1993   Kevin Cousineau, Zond Systems
1991   Hal Romanowitz
1990   Jim Tangler, NREL
            Mike Zuteck
1989   J. Charles Smith, Electrotek
1986   Craig Hansen, U. of Utah
            Helge Petersen, Risø
1985   U.S. Windpower
1984   ESI
1983   Gougeon