This award is given to a company or individual responsible for significant improvements or advancements that benefit the entire wind energy industry.  It recognizes outstanding achievements that may drive demand; introduce game-changing technological, financial, construction or service innovations; enhance the industry's political power or community acceptance; and generally make strides to implement policies such as the Clean Power Plan and achieve the Wind Vision for the U.S. power grid.  

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Company / Individual has shown strong leadership in the industry.
  • Company / Individual has shown innovative business practices that are widely applicable.
  • Company / Individual is responsible for significant improvements or advancements that benefit the wind energy industry.
  • Company / Individual/Company engages other peers and stakeholders so that the broader industry benefits from the work/experience.

The Outstanding Commercial Achievement Award will be presented at the AWEA Wind Energy Fall Symposium.

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Past Winners

2016   Google
2014   Theo de Wolff, Apex
2012   TradeWind Energy (recipient of award on behalf of company: Robert Freeman)
2012   Alabama Power (recipient of award on behalf of company: John Kelley)
2011   Joe Fahrendorf, enXco
2009   3TIER’s FirstLook, 3TIER
2008   Barrett Stambler, Iberdrola Renewables
2007   Gamesa Energia
            Clipper Windpower
            Suzlon Wind Energy
            DMI Industries
            LM Glasfiber
            TPI Composites  
2004   AWS/TrueWind and FPL Energy
2003   Cannon Power Corp. and Whitewater Energy
            Energy Maintenance Service
2002   Global Energy Concepts 
            Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp
            AEP Energy Services
2001   FPL Energy; Vestas-American Wind Technology
2000   Northern Alternative Energy
1999   Robert Gates, Enron Wind Corp (Outstanding Commercial Achievement)
1999   NEG Micon USA (Outstanding Commercial Achievement)
1998   Enron Wind Corp
1995   NRG Systems
1994   Kenetech Windpower
1992   Bergey Windpower
1990   ESI
1989   NRG Systems
1986   SeaWest and Second Wind
1985   Zond Systems and FloWind
1984   Enertech
1983   U.S. Windpower