The AWEA Excellence in Operations Award is open to all AWEA members and recognizes excellence in the efficient and effective operation of a wind farm. This award focuses on several key elements including collaborating with others in the wind industry to improve the quality of O&M services. 
An application form must be completed for each entry for an individual, a company, or a wind farm project.

Entry deadline: December 20, 2018
Submission email:

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Economics: Increased operational availability and reduction of controllable operational costs.
  • Efficiencies: Employs advanced techniques to schedule wind turbine maintenance and minimize down-time’s output impact and improved reliability.
  • Engagement: Maintains effective relationships with landowners, utilities, regulators AND is active in AWEA’s O&M committee, providing expertise for guidelines and recommended practices.
  • Monitoring: Demonstrates the most advanced techniques for monitoring and tracking the health of turbine components.
  • Process Improvements: Utilizes methodologies to evaluate and improve processes.
  • Safety: Reduction of safety incidents and demonstrates leadership in advancing AWEA’s safety agenda AND is a safety champion demonstrating leadership in advancing AWEA’s safety agenda.

The Excellence in Operations Award will be presented at the AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference.

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