AWEA is now instituting a new award and will present the first Community Stewardship Award to an AWEA member at the AWEA Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference in April 2020. This award will recognize the companies who are going above and beyond to serve our host communities, aiming to:  

  1. Recognize host communities as the lifeblood of our industry. 

  1. Highlight community relations as a top AWEA and industry priority. 

  1. For award recipients, serve as a validator in communities they are seeking to develop or operate in, which could ultimately help gain public acceptance for future projects. 

  1. Provide a valuable media opportunity to draw attention to the ways the wind industry is benefiting rural areas. 

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Company goes above and beyond in serving and investing in their future and/or current host communities.  
  • Company is a leader in the field of public relations, displaying innovation and advanced methods in social media, earned media, events, and other media to engage community members and broaden the understanding of renewable energy benefits. 
  • Company demonstrates commitment to advancing community acceptance by investing resources in effective on-the-ground efforts. 
  • Company contributes to industry-wide efforts aimed at broadening community acceptance and advancing wind interests.
  • Company engages regularly with the AWEA Community Engagement Subcommittee and other stakeholders to share learnings so the broader industry benefits from their experience and expertise. 

The Community Stewardship Award will be presented at the AWEA Wind Project Siting & Environmental Compliance Conference. 

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