In January 2010, the wind industry lost a true champion and leader in the siting community, when Andrew “Andy” Linehan lost his long-term battle with cancer. Prior to his passing, Andy exhibited his leadership time and again through his participation in both the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Wind Energy Guidelines Federal Advisory Committee and the Siting Committee. He identified new and cost-efficient ways (examples of which included stakeholder engagement, mitigation, and monitoring to name a few) to address the variety of siting issues facing the industry. Through his leadership and overall enthusiasm for the industry and the environment, Andy represented the epitome of excellence. This award is presented in his memory to those leaders in the siting community who exhibit similar qualities and are constantly striving to improve the siting practices of the wind industry, an endeavor that in turn helps to preserve the collective brand image that sets this industry apart from other forms of energy generation.  

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Individual has worked in the wind industry for three or more years.
  • Individual is in a leadership position with development or owner/operator company and able to influence siting/permitting policy for his or her organization.
  • Individual has demonstrated leadership in the area of siting and has helped advance a new or unique way of addressing siting issues which serve to benefit the industry as a whole.
  • Individual engages regularly with the AWEA Siting Committee and other stakeholders so that the broader industry benefits from the work/experience.
  • Preferably, but not required, the individual should display an interest in wildlife, conservationism, bio-recreation, etc., outside of work life.

The Andrew Linehan Award for Environmental Excellence will be presented at the AWEA Wind Project Siting & Environmental Compliance Conference.

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Past Winners

2019   Rene Braud, Pattern Energy Group
2016   Christine Calabrese, EDP Renewables North America LLC
2014   Roby Roberts, EDP Renewables North America
2013   Kevin Martin, Terra-Gen Power, LLC
2012   Stu Webster, Iberdrola Renewables
2011   John Calaway, Pattern Energy Group LP
2010   Michael Azeka, AES Wind Generation