As a team, and inspired by our CEO’s vision, we’ve defined a set of four Core Values that resonate with us and shape how we strive to interact with the public, our members, and especially with one another. These values are important to who we are and how we work. We’ve embedded them into our work culture and recognize outstanding peers annually with our Core Value Awards. These values help us remember that it’s not just what we deliver that’s important, but how we do it!

Core Values

We heart icon Wind Energy: Wind energy is our inspiration and our passion. Find out more about sustainability at AWEA.

The Truth Prevails: The facts speak for themselves and AWEA is committed to delivering thorough, pertinent and factual information to the industry.

Together We Succeed: It takes many different talents, personalities and levels of experience to create a successful organization.

Ahead of the Curve: We strive for innovation and creativity in our work.