Get Involved

About grassroots wind energy advocacy at AWEA

The AWEA policy team advocates for policies to promote wind energy and educates Members of Congress (MOCs) in Washington, DC and officials in state capitals throughout the country about wind power. While elected officials are receptive to our team, they are most interested in hearing directly from their constituents – people like you who are living and working in the areas that they represent.

You have the power to speak up and let your officials know what issues matter to the wind industry, and what actions they can take to expand clean, affordable, homegrown wind energy in America. They will factor your opinions, as someone living in their district or state, into their decision-making.

How can I become a more active advocate for American wind power?

You can sign up today to become part of our Power of Wind advocacy network. Joining this network is free. As a Power of Wind advocate, you will receive action alert emails from the AWEA policy team asking you to contact your representatives when important legislation is introduced, or coming up for a vote, in the U.S. Congress or in your state. These communications take only a few minutes, but make a big impact on elected officials when they see that they have their constituents’ support for, or opposition to, a particular bill.

Action alerts provide you with:

  • A brief description of the issue at hand
  • The key “ask” that you need to make of your legislator
  • A template email message or phone script to use in contacting your legislator
  • The ability to customize your message