Wind power keeps energy prices in check during recent cold snap

Electricity and natural gas prices skyrocketed to 10-50 times normal across parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes states as extreme cold drove demand for electric and gas heating to near-record levels late last week.

Fortunately, regional wind energy output was strong throughout these periods of peak demand, producing around 3,000 MW on the evening of January 22 when supply was particularly tight, and roughly 3,000-4,000 MW for nearly all of January 23 as electricity prices remained very high.

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Wind and wildlife basic facts

Wind energy has the lowest environmental impacts of any source of electricity generation, with modern wind power plants collectively being far less harmful to birds than radio towers, tall buildings, and numerous other human-made objects.

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Are you hearing misinformation about wind and wildlife? 
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First Edition AWEA Operations and Maintenance Recommended Practices

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