Quality Assurance

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Lean in an Operational Environment provides key insights on lean implementation at wind projects. Wind site managers and operators can use lean concepts to reduce labor, materials, and cycle time during the operations phase – ultimately improving customer satisfaction and business performance in multiple areas such as safety, quality, cost, and on time delivery.

AWEA Quality Committee

The AWEA Quality Committee and its subcommittees advise the AWEA Board of Directors and the broader wind energy industry on quality assurance during the construction, operation and both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of wind projects.

Through regular email updates, in person meetings, conference calls and webinars, the committee also serves as a network for information sharing on key policy, business and technical issues and developments impacting quality assurance programs.

What the Quality Committee Does

The purpose and scope of AWEA’s Quality Committee is to:

  • Promote quality assurance during the construction, operation, and both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of wind farms through the generation of tools specifically tailored to the wind farm owners and their representatives;
  • Provide a forum to exchange information on industry best practices and the implementation of quality management systems;
  • Generate training materials related to implementing a good quality management system;

The committee uses existing quality standards and industry best practices to generate industry whitepapers, tools and training materials to advance committee objectives.

Quality Committee Structure

A Chair and Vice Chair lead the Committee, and committee work is organized around multiple subcommittees. The committee includes representatives from all major wind sectors, including owners and operators, original equipment manufacturers, third party service providers, academics, and advisory service providers. Committee members must have expertise or a job function relevant to the committee subject matter.

Join the Quality Committee 

If you are interested in joining the Quality Committee, please email AWEA staff liaison Hannah Hunt at hhunt@awea.org.