Wind turbine operations & maintenance

The area of wind turbine operations and maintenance (O&M) represents a growing segment and business opportunity in the wind energy industry. Wind turbines can provide large amounts of electricity, cleanly and reliably, at prices competitive with any other new electricity source – if they are properly operated and maintained. As of 2016, the U.S. wind energy industry has installed more than 74,000 megawatts of wind projects, and has accumulated millions of hours of wind turbine operation and maintenance experience. In 2011, nearly $40 billion worth of wind installations in the United States will be out of warranty, thrusting the financial risk on the owner to provide cost-effective operation and maintenance. And in the next 20 years, the United States will require more than 100,000 additional wind turbines to supply 20 percent of the nation’s electricity.

Operations and maintenance, safety management systems, and other project reliability activities are becoming the critical elements affecting profitability int he sector. AWEA's O&M Committee represents a large, active group of industry leaders that support the industry through a variety of activities to ensure operational excellence.