AWEA Wind Energy Finance & Investment Conference 2017

October 25 - 26, 2017

The Roosevelt Hotel | New York, NY

Join the thriving network of bankers, financial leaders, developers, corporate buyers and decision makers slated to join this event. Power business connections and obtain up to minute market updates on corporate offtake perspectives, the future of U.S. renewable energy, public markets, math behind the declining PTC, tax equity, utility perspectives, M&A outlook, legal perspectives and much more during the AWEA Wind Energy Finance & Investment Conference.
Attendees will gain fresh and important insights into investor timelines, explore emerging markets for investors and developers, examine how policy impacts wind industry finance, and learn how to maximize growth trends.  Whether you are already in the business of wind or considering investing in this energy sector, you won't want to miss this timely new program detailing how to capitalize on the multi-billion dollar wind energy finance industry.  

"Wind energy is of scale, cost effective and the AWEA Finance and Investment Conference is a great place to learn more about the wind industry from an investors perspective." -
Steve Lockard, President & CEO, TPI Composites, Inc.

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