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AWEA Wind Project Siting Seminar 2015

March 10 - 11, 2015

Austin, TX

About the Seminar

The AWEA Wind Project Siting Seminar is where leaders from the wind industry, environmental permitting and compliance sector, the scientific community and regulatory officials come together for a robust discussion about the current state of siting and environmental compliance, and network. Take away key insights within wind energy development, operations, evolving trends, and strategies for improving the project permitting process and maximizing the output of operating assets while increasing regulatory and legal certainty.

As the wind industry has grown and evolved, the scope and complexity of siting and environmental compliance issues has evolved and increased, and now affects all phases of a wind facility's life-cycle. While there are additional questions that need to be addressed in order to provide the groundwork for future development and operational compliance, over the past several decades much has been learned about siting, operational issues and strategies developed to address them. As a result, the industry has developed a very stable foundation.

Full Package:
AWEA Wind Project Siting 2015 Seminar Presentations

Indivual Sessions:

Wind Development Non-Wildlife Siting Issues – Sounds, Planes, and Views…Oh, my!
It’s for the Birds (and Other Critters):  Recent Legal Developments in Wildlife Protection,
To Be Or Not To Be – What Are The Probabilities?
Legislators Acting like Regulators
Offsetting a Project's Impact...You Can take that to the (Mitigation) Bank
Don’t Believe the Hype: Real Solutions to Wildlife Issues

Program Chairs

Christina CalabreseChristina Calabrese,
Environmental Affairs
EDP Renewables

Michael Speerscheider
Michael Speerschneider,
Chief Permitting & Public Policy Officer
Everpower Wind Holdings, Inc.