AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2017 Conference

October 24 - 25, 2017

The Roosevelt Hotel | New York, NY

AWEA has extended the deadline for presentation proposals for the AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER Conference until June 4, 2017, 11:59 pm.  Share your knowledge and experience to accelerate putting steel in the water.  With the installation of the first U.S. offshore wind project in Rhode Island, we are at a critical time to work together, seize opportunities, and realize the great potential U.S. offshore wind presents.  

The program committee will looking for proposals that demonstrate how to increase efficiency and effectiveness within our approach to offshore wind, lessons learned from Europe and Block Island are welcome and of particular interest are these topic areas:

  • Continuing Permitting & Leasing Momentum
  • Innovation and Technology
    Proposals that present cutting edge and emerging trends in technology.  What are the challenges as we develop deeper water adn encounter more extreme events?  How are the academic and scienfic community playing a role in this area?
  • Cross-Industry Engagement
    Proposals that demonstrate how other industries such as ports, shipping and oil & gas, may benefit from and help facilitate the growth of offshore wind energy through both technical & business experience and building political & public support.
  • Siting, Wildlife & Environmental Monitoring 
  • Building Public, Stakeholder & Political Support
    Proposals that illustrate how the industry is engaging key stakeholders, such as fisheries and what efforts are being done to build political support. 
  • Financing
    Proposal that share the latest in securing affordable financing.
  • Economic Growth 
    Proposals demonstrating how the industry is preparing for the economic benefits to be gained, such as job creation.  What is being done in the U.S. to train and qualify workers in this area?  
  • Ports and Vessel Requirements