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7/18/2013 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Final Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines
The wind energy industry holds itself to stricter standards for protecting wildlife than the law requires.

2012 state election summary analysis
Results from 2012 state elections related to renewable energy.

Cost allocation
Determining who pays for the costs of transmission upgrades is “cost allocation,” and a FERC ruling on it will help get transmission built, which benefits consumers and renewable energy generators, among others.

Offshore Wind: Major Milestones & Achievements
State and federal processes for developing offshore wind energy projects in the U.S. are well underway.

Offshore wind: significant investment in research and development
The U.S. has made a significant investment in offshore wind energy research and development

Siting of power lines
Many challenges exist to permitting power lines – and letting wind power travel – across state lines and federal lands, but more federal siting authority can help.

Transmission 101
Learn the basics of the U.S. transmission system, including how it is managed and by whom across the country, and how electricity supply and demand is balanced.

U.S. Offshore Wind
Offshore wind in the United States, a new opportunity for our country

Wind Power Transmission
Get the basics on the U.S. electric grid, the importance of transmission, how wind energy is integrated into the grid, and future transmission build-out

Displaying 1 to 9 of 9 records