Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the AWEA Market Database Pro?

The AWEA Market Database Pro provides comprehensive information on all operational and under construction U.S. wind energy projects as well as all active wind-related manufacturing facilities in the U.S.  There are over 60 fields of data available for each wind project, including specific details on involved companies, turbine models, power offtake, generation, and location. Details on component type and location are provided for wind-related manufacturing facilities.  Details on Congressional district are provided for all wind energy projects and manufacturing facilities.

How do I access the AWEA Market Database Pro?

Companies and individuals who have access to the AWEA Market Database Pro through AWEA Business Membership will be able to access the database anytime by logging into the AWEA website with the proper credentials.  The direct weblink is  You will be prompted to log in, then will be immediately re-directed to the database.  As an AWEA Member, you can confirm you have a valid log in anytime by visiting and clicking on "Member Login" in the upper right corner. Using your work email address, you can send yourself a password reminder, activate your profile, or set up a new profile.  When setting up a profile for the first time, you must connect your individual profile with your company to gain access to the AWEA Business Member benefits.

How do I use the AWEA Market Database Pro?

In the "Project" tab, the database is designed so the user can easily filter wind projects by project name, year online, location, owner, power offtaker, project size and other factors in order to quickly arrive at the specific data needed. In the "Turbine" tab users can export information like turbine coordinates and preform searches on turbine models. In the "Manufacturing" tab, the database is designed so the user can filter based on state, company, or component.  The database provides flexibility to the user to determine what results are desired.  AWEA will hold a member webinar soon on the new features. 

Can I share the AWEA Market Database Pro?

No, the AWEA Market Database Pro is a benefit available to AWEA Business Members. The terms & conditions of database use are as follows:

© 2014 American Wind Energy Association.  All rights reserved.  You may access, reproduce, and print the American Wind Energy Association’s (“AWEA”) Market Database and its contents, and any portion thereof (the “Database”) for internal use only (which use may include internal use by employees and assignees of your company), and,  by accessing the Database, you agree: (i) that you shall not sell or otherwise engage in any distribution of the Database; (ii) that you shall not make any alterations, modifications, deletions or other changes to the Database without the express written consent of AWEA; and (iii) to indemnify and hold AWEA harmless for any loss or damage, including reasonable attorney's fees, which AWEA may incur, directly or indirectly, as a result of your use of the Database.  The names, trademarks, service marks and logos of AWEA appearing in the Materials may not be used in any advertising or publicity, or otherwise, to indicate AWEA’s sponsorship or affiliation, without AWEA’s prior express written permission.  All the other product and company names mentioned in the Materials may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.   

What is the source of the data in the AWEA Market Database Pro?

AWEA's expert staff collects wind energy project and wind-related manufacturing facility information on a year-round basis from public and private sources. However, AWEA validates all information before publishing in the AWEA Market Database Pro or AWEA Market Reports. Project data for operational wind projects is validated and confirmed with both project owners and turbine manufacturers on a quarterly basis, and reported in the AWEA Quarterly Market Reports within one month of each quarter's end.  Wind-related manufacturing facility data is confirmed annually with the manufacturer.  More in-depth analysis of wind energy project and manufacturing data is provided in the comprehensive 130-page AWEA U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Reports.  The AWEA Market Database Pro also integrates data from external sources, such as the Energy Information Administration (EIA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

What upgrades have been made to the database?

  • Export to Excel now enabled
  • Search by ISO/RTO
  • Search by Turbine Model
  • Individual turbine coordinates now available
  • Addition of a turbines tab
  • Enabled multi-layer filtering for Project Phase, State, Year Online, U.S. Congressional District, Offtake Type, Power Purchaser, Turbine Manufacturer, Turbine Capacity (MW), Turbine Model, ISO/RTO
  • Integrates 2013 EIA Generation Data

Why do the map results not match the search results?

In the current phase of the AWEA Market Database Pro, the mapping feature and searching feature are not currently connected.  Linking the search results and the mapping function is a potential upgrade feature that AWEA is considering for future versions of the database. However, users can access different versions of the map within different tabs. The Projects Tab has a map that allows filtering for Turbine Manufacturer and Model. The Manufacturing Tab has a map that allows filtering by component type. And the Projects & Mfg. Tab has a map that shows both the wind projects and manufacturing facilities currently active and under construction.  

Why do I get more results than what I searched for?

In the current phase of the AWEA Market Database Pro, the database is set up so that the full project details are returned. For example, if a project has both GE and Vestas turbines and the user searches for Vestas turbines, both machines will be returned on the first page. However, if the user clicks on that project, the next page will reveal just the Vestas machines. This multi-layered filtering is in place for the following fields: Project Phase, State, Year Online, U.S. Congressional District, Offtake Type, Power Purchaser, Turbine Manufacturer, Turbine Capacity (MW), Turbine Model, ISO/RTO

Where do I direct inquiries or provide feedback on the AWEA Market Database Pro?

You can provide feedback by filling out our short survey.  Your feedback is critical to ensure AWEA continues to provide the best information and services to AWEA Membership. Please direct all questions to and an AWEA staff member of the Data & Analysis team will respond.