An All-Inclusive Wind Energy Project & Manufacturing Resource

WindIQ is a comprehensive, interactive online database that provides downloadable data on all operational, under construction, and advanced development wind projects and wind-related manufacturing facilities in the United States, along with interactive web mapping features. All current AWEA Business and Utility Members have access to the database. 


The Project database includes more than 60 fields of data including: project location, owner and developer, project size, turbine model and manufacturer, project offtaker, power purchase agreement data, hub heights, Congressional districts, and more.

The Turbine database allows users to query for turbine-level data including turbine model, hub height, and the latitude and longitude coordinates.

The Manufacturing Facility database includes more than 30 fields of data including: facility location, product details, year of operation, Congressional districts, and more. 

The Mapping feature allows users to discover the geographic location of all wind projects and wind-related manufacturing facilities. Online and under construction wind projects may be filtered by Congressional district or by turbine manufacturer and model. Manufacturing facilities may be filtered by location and product.

Users are invited to complete a survey on the database to provide feedback on any changes or additions that would be helpful:

New WindIQ Dashboard


The new WindIQ Dashboard provides visualizations of the data available in WindIQ. Effortlessly explore the U.S. wind fleet, major players, wind turbine technology, and the wind turbine manufacturing footprint. Built in Tableau, the dashboard leverages the latest in data visualization technology. Download the dashboard now.

WindIQ Highlights

  • Reliable: AWEA has always been the foremost authority on wind energy, so you can trust you're getting the most current and accurate data available. AWEA's expert analysts conduct robust data verification, confirming data with all project owners and manufacturers on a quarterly basis. AWEA is the only organization in the country that has access to the entire wind energy industry and that can continuously obtain and verify this critical data.
  • Comprehensive & Integrated: The data AWEA collects spans 33 years, and covers more than 60 aspects of every wind energy project and manufacturing facility in the U.S. AWEA built this dynamic database that allows you to slice and dice the information for your specific needs at a moment's notice. The newest update to the database now allows Business Members to download data for use. 
  • Convenient: Save countless hours of searching and verifying project- and manufacturing facility-related data. This database empowers you and your staff to conduct the targeted research you need as soon as you need it. This puts the power of market data in your hands.
  • Valuable: Your current Business Membership with AWEA is your key into this priceless tool that will help you to make informed, strategic business decisions. Whether you're identifying business partners, or investing in your project pipeline, or planning local outreach, this database puts precise, current information at your fingertips.