U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report 2010


2010 Annual Report CoverAWEA announces the release of the AWEA U.S Wind Industry Annual Market Report Year Ending 2010. This report provides a comprehensive look at the U.S. wind energy industry, including wind projects, wind turbine and component manufacturing, market rankings and key industry players, market trends, and impact of the U.S. wind energy industry.


The AWEA U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report Year Ending 2010 includes:

  • MAPS: all U.S. wind projects; wind energy-related manufacturing facilities

  • MARKET RANKINGS: wind project owners and developers across cumulative and new wind projects; turbine manufacturers/OEMs; electric utilities with wind on their system

  • LISTS: wind projects completed during 2010; wind capacity completed by state and quarter, all wind projects currently under construction; wind energy-related manufacturing facilities; turbine models

  • PROGRESS: new transmission lines across the country; interconnection queues; proposed offshore wind projects

  • TRENDS: ownership and offtake trends, wind turbine size and specifications; wind project characteristics

  • JOBS: U.S wind jobs by type and by state

  • IMPACTS: emission reductions; water consumption avoided