U.S. Wind Power Outlook 2011

This report offers highlights from 2010 and the outlook for the wind industry in 2011, as of April 2011. Key points include:

A look back at wind power in 2010

  • The U.S. wind industry saw another year without a stable national renewable energy policy
  • American wind power grew by 15 percent in 2010, reaching 40,181 megawatts (MW) of total installed capacity.

How wind power is strengthening the economy

  • Insourcing new manufacturing
  • Cutting electricity costs & fuel price risks
  • Economic payback widely spread

How wind power is protecting health and the environment

  • Wind power saves water
  • Wind power saves on health costs
  • Wind power improves environmental health
  • Wind power serves as an environmental steward
  • Wind power avoids carbon

How American wind power is gaining momentum for 2011

  • States continue renewable policy leadership
  • Americans overwhelmingly support wind
  • Industry and trade associations evolve with education seal
  • Distributed wind and community wind grow
  • AWEA conferences demonstrate broad support
  • Federal policy gives a boost for wind energy
  • WindMade consumer label trustmark is established

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