Wind Energy Industry Market Report: Fourth Quarter 2012

By the end of December 2012, it was clear that the U.S. wind energy industry had its strongest year ever – installing a record 13,124 megawatts (MW) across 2012. A record-breaking 8,380 MW were installed during the fourth quarter alone. Wind energy became the No. 1 source of new U.S. electricity generating capacity for the first time in 2012, providing some 42% of all new generating capacity.

Reaching 60 GW

The milestone of 60,000 MW was reached just five months after AWEA announced in August that the U.S. industry had installed 50,000 MW. There are now 60,007 MW installed in the United States. In our report: Find out what 60 GW really means, what it looks like, and how the industry got there.

U.S. annual and cumulative wind power growth

There are now more than 45,100 wind turbines installed across the United States. In our report: View capacity growth from 2001 to 2012.

U.S. wind power capacity installations by quarter

The U.S. wind industry more than doubled its previous high quarter for installations, going from 4,113 MW during the fourth quarter of 2009 to 8,384. In our report: View capacity installations by quarter from 2008 to 2012.

U.S. wind power capacity by state

During the fourth quarter of 2012, Texas led the nation in new wind installations with 1,289 MW, followed by California, Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa. In our report: View a graph of the top 20 states.

Over the entire year, four states installed more than 1,000 MW. Texas led with 1,826 MW, California came in second place with 1,656 MW, Kansas installed 1,440 MW and Oklahoma installed 1,127 MW. Illinois rounded out the top five with 823 MW. In our report: View a map of capacity by state.

Wind project locations

The fourth quarter saw the installation of at least 107 projects across 26 states plus Puerto Rico. In our report: View a map of wind project locations.

Wind power capacity under construction

There are currently 42.91 MW under construction in two states. In our report: view a graph of wind power capacity under construction.