Supply Chain Connections

January 24, 2014

First Wind uses Sentient  Science’s life extension technology; white paper available

First Wind and Sentient Science recently signed a ten-year agreement for the deployment of a new generation of autonomous, predictive, condition maintenance, monitoring systems from Sentient at First Wind projects, enabling the wind energy company to monitor the life of its wind turbines. The new capability, developed by Sentient Science, will calculate the remaining useful life of 150 Clipper Wind Liberty 2.5-MW turbine gearboxes and 68 out-of-warranty GE 1.5-MW SLE wind turbine gearboxes. Sentient Science will deploy its new cloud-based prediction software and sensor products that feature its DigitalClone Live technology. 

DigitalClone Live was developed by Sentient Science in partnership with the U.S. Military. After 10 years of federal investment and validation, Sentient Science successfully adapted the technology for commercial applications with additional funding from several federal sources and with a grant from the New York State R&D Authority (NYSERDA)

The system is now operational and is the first of its kind in the country. Read more here. Also, a white paper, “Prognostics and Data Modeling that Extend the Remaining Useful Life of Wind Turbines,” co-authored by First Wind and Sentient Science, is available through Sentient.


REpower is now Senvion

REpower Systems SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Suzlon Group, is changing its name to Senvion SE. The Hamburg-based wind turbine manufacturer will now identify itself using the new Senvion branding worldwide.

The company has been using the name REpower under licence since 2001. The rights belong to a Swiss company that is now using this name itself. Both the name and the entire external corporate design of the Hamburg-based company have therefore been changed. The elements of the name Senvion refer to the company’s renewable energy operations: the S stands for the sustainability of its products, EN stands for energy, VI for vision and ON for being switched on.