Member Spotlight - Karen Conover

AWEA’s member spotlight section features an interview with one of your peers from a member company sharing their experience with AWEA. This month, our spotlight features:

Karen Conover, Board of DirectorsKaren Conover
Vice President, DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability.

How long has your organization been an AWEA member and why did your company feel it was important to join this organization? 

The wind group of DNV KEMA (through various company mergers and acquisitions) has been a member of AWEA since the 1980s. It’s important to us to play a part in helping the industry grow and mature.

How has your company engaged with AWEA? 

We’ve served on the Board of Directors since the mid-90s and participated in many AWEA committees and working groups throughout the years. We also participate in state and federal lobbying efforts to help expand the wind energy market in the US and we’ve conducted technical analyses to support AWEA’s mission since our early engagement in the organization. We’ve also been very active in the educational programs, as conference chairs, session chairs, or presenters.

What AWEA benefits do you value most, and why? 

For us, the benefits of AWEA are more about the ability of the organization to make an impact in improving and expanding the wind energy industry. Simply put, AWEA is effective. And as members of AWEA, we have the ability to make a bigger and better impact than we could make on our own. We also benefit from AWEA’s great reputation, talented staff, and key connections.

Why do you feel that volunteering of your time in AWEA is important to you, your organization and the industry? 

Our company’s vision is “global impact for a safe and sustainable future” and we have a strong, long-term commitment to renewable energy. We’ve been a key player in this industry for more than 25 years and we expect to be a global participant in the industry for the foreseeable future. Contributing our time, resources, and expertise to the industries in which we work is a natural extension of our company culture.

What would you say to an existing AWEA member about the importance of getting involved in their Association?

AWEA is not only the voice of the wind industry, it’s a great place to learn and interact with industry colleagues. Some of our best business development opportunities have come from the relationships we have built over decades of being active in AWEA. If you have any interest is seeing the wind industry succeed, get engaged in the organization and help make a difference, it is good for both the industry at large and your business.

Which upcoming event do you plan on attending? Why is this event a “must-go” for you? 

As a consultant with a broad service line, we attend most of the AWEA workshops and conferences because they directly relate to our business. AWEA events are a great place to meet our customers, discuss advances in the industry, and present our most recent work. This fall we’ll be at the Finance and Investment Seminar, the Offshore Wind Conference, the Fall Symposium, and the Wind Resource and Project Energy Assessment Seminar. These are must-go events for us as due diligence, wind resources assessment, and energy assessments are key areas of expertise for the company. We are actively engaged with offshore installations in Europe and hope to share that expertise as the offshore market grows in the US.