Offshore wind and wildlife

As demonstrated by the operating facilities in Europe, offshore wind energy is far less harmful to wildlife than the traditional energy sources it displaces. In fact, offshore wind will play a critical role in reducing pollution and mitigating the impacts associated with climate change, which represents a significant threat to wildlife.

Furthermore, offshore wind is a wholly domestic and inexhaustible resource that:

  • Generates no air or water pollution or hazardous waste;
  • Does not deplete fresh water resources (necessary for exploration and production of fuel as well as thermal generation); and
  • Requires no mining, transportation, or refining of a feedstock or fuel.

To proactively address concerns regarding potential wildlife impacts associated with offshore wind energy development, AWEA’s Offshore Wind Working Group undertook a comprehensive process to gather and analyze the latest scientific studies on offshore wind energy and wildlife and identify data gaps.

Click here to view AWEA’s fact sheet demonstrating offshore wind energy’ low impact to wildlife and click here to view the references to this fact sheet.