AWEA Safety Committee

The AWEA Safety Committee and its subcommittees advise the AWEA Board and the broader industry on positions related to regulatory or legislative proceedings at the federal, state or local level on the issue of worker safety and health. 

Through regular email updates, in-person meetings, conference calls and webinars, the committee also serves as a network for information sharing on key policy, business and technical issues and developments impacting worker safety and health during construction, on operating wind farms, in factories and elsewhere. 

What the Safety Committee does

The purpose and scope of AWEA’s Safety Committee is to:

  • Promote safety and health within the wind industry;
  • Achieve a safe workplace for all parties;
  • Act as the health and safety spokespeople for the industry with OSHA;
  • Provide a forum to exchange information on industry best practices, lessons learned and regulatory requirements; and
  • Have all members actively participate in facilitating the committee’s work and continuous improvement.

Safety Committee Organization

The committee is led by a steering committee that includes representatives from major sectors, including owners/operators, turbine manufacturers, construction contractors, electrical contractors, third party service providers, academics, safety consulting, and equipment providers.


Committee work is organized around subcommittees, which currently include subcommittees on:

  • OSHA Alliance
  • Construction Safety
  • Offshore Safety
  • Operations and Maintenance Safety
  • Training and Education Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Awards

Task forces

In addition, on an as-needed basis, Committee members have organized task forces on key compliance issues such as lockout-tagout (LOTO) and confined spaces.

Working groups

Finally, AWEA has established sector-specific working groups, such as for owners/operators, turbine manufacturers, and third-party service providers to offer a more targeted opportunity for discussion and information sharing.

Join the Safety Committee

To learn how AWEA members can get involved in this work, email Michele Myers Mihelic.