AWEA Utility Membership

AWEA utility membership category is available to regulated / load-serving utilities based on the level of involvement in wind power development.  All Utility members receive:

  • Discounted registration fees to all AWEA conferences including the Operations, Maintenance & Safety Conference; Siting Seminar; Finance Seminar; Resource Assessments Seminar; Fall Symposium and the WINDPOWER® Conference and Education program. 
  • Free admittance to the WINDPOWER® Exhibition—the largest annual wind power event in the world.
  • Discounts on all AWEA publications, presentations, and Webinars.
  • Free access to all AWEA member briefings—quarterly events that highlight the top issues facing the Wind Power industry and include the quarterly market report updates.
  • Opportunity to nominate individuals to serve on AWEA industry committees, working groups and the AWEA Board. 

Membership Categories

  • Utility Wind Supporter   | Dues: $3,000
    Utilities looking to learn more about the wind energy industry while increasing their network of wind turbine manufacturer and developer contacts.
  • Utility Wind Purchaser                                                                                                    
    Utilities that only provide wind power to their customers through PPAs.
    Total PPAs < 500 MW of Wind Power | Dues: $6,000
    Total PPAs > 500 MW of Wind Power | Dues: $10,000
  • Utility Wind Owner/Operator                                                                                                   
  • Utilities that own/operate wind power.
  • Utilities that own < 100 MW of Wind Power | Dues: $6,000 
  • Utilities that own 100 - 500 MW of Wind Power | Dues: $10,000
  • Utilities that own > 500 MW of Wind Power | Dues: $10,000


Enhanced Benefits for Wind Purchaser and Owner/Operator Members

Utilities that join at the Wind Purchaser and Owner/Operator Member levels are eligible to join AWEA strategic committees including Siting, Transmission, Clean Air/EPA, and Policy.  They are also entitled to nominate one individual to serve on the Utility Advisory Council (UAC). The UAC exists to provide guidance and recommendations to the AWEA Board of Directors to ensure that AWEA policies take into consideration the needs and interests of Wind customers and utility owners. The UAC:

  • Meets twice a year in person at WINDPOWER® and the Operations, Maintenance and Safety Conference
  • Presents to the AWEA Board at each WINDPOWER on major issues facing the utility sector
  • Provides position papers and policy recommendations for inclusion in AWEA Board materials
  • Provides input and guidance to the AWEA Board on potential impacts on the utility sector of AWEA policy positions