Utilities & wind power

Wind power is now mainstream

Wind energy in the utility resource portfolio has come of age. Over 40% of the more than 3,000 electricity providers in the U.S. supply electricity from wind power. With the advancement of technology and the dropping of production prices, wind has become a serious and important component of utility generation.

The costs and benefits of wind energy

Not only does wind power provide a clean source of electricity, utility ownership or long term wind contracts help keep electric rates low and provide a hedge against fossil fuel price volatility. Wind energy costs have dropped over the past few years as wind turbine technology has matured, with larger turbines and taller towers leading to increased wind turbine productivity.

Wind energy is now one of the most cost-effective sources of new electricity generation in wind-rich regions, competing with new electricity generation using any other energy source. And utilities can lock in wind energy prices for 20 to 30 years because the fuel is free. That's one reason wind power has added 35 percent of all new generating capacity to the U.S. grid since 2007– twice the capacity coal and nuclear have added combined. Ten states now produce between 10% and 25% of their electricity from wind power.

Electric utilities have a unique role in bringing wind power, the largest and most readily-deployable form of new clean energy available, to their retail customers. Customers are expecting their utilities to use more clean, reliable and affordable energy sources like the wind to power their homes, schools, businesses, and institutions.

One-stop shop for utility information

These webpages provide electric utilities a one-stop resource for wind energy information, whether a utility is adding their first wind energy project into their resource portfolio or currently owns and operates its own wind assets.

A series of utility-focused wind power events found in the events calendar provide opportunities to network with the wind industry and learn about the most current developments.