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2014 Annual Market Report OEM Market Share

  • Approximately 48,000 wind turbines make up the U.S. wind turbine fleet of 65,877 MW.

  • The top three wind turbine manufacturers, measured by cumulative share of the U.S. wind turbine fleet, are GE Energy, Vestas, and Siemens.

  • GE Energy continued its streak as the leading wind turbine manufacturer in the U.S. market during 2014, installing 66% of all utility-scale turbines. It has maintained top market share for U.S. installed capacity for the past 14 years.
  • The average turbine rating of a wind turbine installed during 2014 was 1.94 MW. This marks an increase from 2013’s average wind turbine rating of 1.87 MW.
  • The average rotor diameter of a wind turbine installed during 2014 was 99.7 meters for turbines 1 MW and larger. The average hub height of a wind turbine installed during 2014 was 82.4 meters. These taller towers allowed for wind projects to be sited with more frequency during 2014 in the Great Lakes region.

2014 Annual Market Report Average Turbine

2014 Annual Market Report Hub Height

Source: AWEA U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report Year Ending 2014 ©

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