Allied Organizations

SisAWEA is part of a broader portfolio of organizations that complement each other and have unique roles advancing the wind energy industry.   As your trade association, your dues are obviously critical to the industry’s future – but as you develop your budgets for 2018 and beyond, we also encourage you to consider supporting one or more of these “sister” organizations. 

Together, we succeed!

Political Action Committee

WindPAC is the political action committee for the wind industry. Through WindPAC we support the election of candidates at both the federal and state levels who advocate for the interests of our member companies.

Watch this video or contact Maggie Lemmerman for more information.

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Social Welfare
501 (c)(4)

AWA educates the public and raises awareness of issues affecting wind energy, advocates for policies necessary for the economic, social, and environmental benefits of wind energy, and holds elected officials and policy makers accountable for their positions on wind energy issues.

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Partnership of 35 industry & conservation science organizations

AWWI develops, evaluates, and supports implementation of the most cost-effective best management practices and technology solutions to minimize risks of wind energy production to wildlife. AWWI’s solutions are used for advanced siting and permitting, improving yield and operational efficiency, and informing policy.

For more information or contact Abby Arnold.

Regional Partners
501(c)(3), 501(c)(6)
Varies by organization

AWEA works with a network of regional organizations to promote the growth of the wind industry in specific regions around the country. These organizations help advance regional and state policy and remove market barriers, providing “boots on the ground” expertise to help translate AWEA policy priorities into local action.

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WEF educates decision makers, the media, and the public about the benefits of wind energy and the need for policy action to secure these benefits. WEF recruits, trains, and mobilizes leaders to deliver personalized messages about how renewable energy improves our economy and our environment. WEF has successfully secured large grants to multiply the impact of industry contributions.

For more information visit or contact John Kostyack.