Write editorials and letters to the editor in support of wind energy

Editorials supporting wind energy

By submitting an op-ed, you can educate your community about wind power. Op-eds are usually longer than letters to the editor and enable you to share your perspective on an issue.

In a recent op-ed in a local paper, an employee in the wind industry manufacturing sector urged his legislators to support his job by extending the federal wind production tax credit. He wrote, “As someone who works for a company in the wind industry supply chain, I’d like to strongly urge Congress to extend the federal wind production tax credit (PTC), which grows American manufacturing jobs like mine.”

Letters to the editor supporting wind energy

By submitting a letter to the editor, you can respond to a recent article that ran in the paper – either correcting a false statement about wind power, or expressing your support for an accurate wind energy article. Letters to the editor are usually brief.

For example, a Virginia resident wrote to her local paper in response to a story about a company adding wind turbines to their property, and applauded them for doing so. She went on to urge the state’s Senators to support the federal wind production tax credit. She wrote, “The health of Virginians, and particularly our children, hinges on deploying clean, carbon-free energy soon. U.S. Sens. Mark Warner and Jim Webb should work to extend the production tax credit for wind.”

AWEA can help you with writing and submitting pieces to your local newspaper. If you would like assistance in writing and submitting an editorial or letter to the editor, contact AWEA's Deputy Director of Digital Media, Shauna Theel, at stheel@awea.org.