Martin Mugica

Martin Mugica, Leadership Council

Martin Mugica
President & CEO
Iberdrola Renewables, LLC

Martin Mugica is the President & CEO of Iberdrola Renewables, LLC, and is responsible for leading the overall development of corporate parent Iberdrola S.A.’s renewable energy businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Martin is the senior executive with strategic, commercial, and operational responsibility for the company. This includes the company’s major presence as a vertically integrated wind development, operations and power sales business; as well as its biomass and solar development work. Martin has managed the Renewables presence of Iberdrola in North America since 2006, growing the business to more than 5,200 MW of wind and solar generation operating at 50+ plants across the U.S. Iberdrola Renewables is the nation’s second-largest producer of renewable electric generation, and has gained wide recognition during this period for its rapid growth. It is also known for its technically sophisticated operations and control systems, centered on the company’s National Control Center in Portland, Oregon.

Martin has more than 19 years of engineering and business development experience. He joined Iberdrola Spain in 2002 as Director of Business Development, and held overall responsibility for the growth of Iberdrola in Spain and internationally. He played a key role in the internationalization of the company’s development of a permanent presence in Russia, Qatar, Mexico, and Brazil and other Latin-American countries as part of Iberdrola's alternative development efforts. He then started the renewable energy business of Iberdrola through Iberdrola Renewable Energies, Ltd. in 2006. In 2007 Martin led the merger of this company with PPM Energy into Iberdrola Renewables, and has since then been in charge of the joint renewable business. Prior to joining Iberdrola Spain, Martin was employed by Intecsa Uhde Industrial, S.A., first as a commercial service engineer and then as commercial director. He holds a Superior Technical Engineering degree from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Spain, and a Master of Business Economics and Management degree from University of Navarra, Spain.