Sustainability at AWEA

AWEA works hard every day to grow wind energy, powering a cleaner, stronger America. But our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at our job descriptions, it’s one of our core values.

We heart icon Wind Energy because it supplies affordable, reliable energy while also contributing to a cleaner and safer environment. Wind energy is one of the most cost effective solutions for cutting carbon pollution, reducing U.S. carbon emissions every year by more than 132 million metric tons, equivalent to eliminating the emissions from 28.1 million cars!

Wind power is making a big impact in the effort to combat climate change, but that doesn’t mean we can neglect our own organization’s environmental footprint. AWEA’s Green Team leads office sustainability initiatives, through which we reduce AWEA’s operational impact on the environment. 

AWEA’s efforts were recognized through the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Green Seal program as a Green Office Partner and the Conference Team has been featured in MeetGreen.

Green Seal

Here's some of our top accomplishments:

Powered by Wind

  • Our Washington, D.C. office is powered by wind; renewable energy credits (RECs) offset 100% of electricity use and we highly appreciate our 2016 REC sponsorship by EDP Renewable North America.


Greening our Office

  • LEED Gold Certified office
  • 2014 ASAE / Green Seal Green Office Partner
  • Composting option in staff kitchens
  • Elimination of disposable Keurig K-Cups use in staff kitchens with a transition to brewed coffee with a fair trade, organic option; coffee waste then composted
  • Elimination of disposable kitchenware
  • “Meatless Monday” potlucks that bring awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet
  • Annual staff paperless challenges and green printing policies
  • Sustainability language included in official AWEA procurement policy
  • Offsets secured for staff travel for 2016
  • Green catering list developed and actively used for all office catering; special emphasis placed on wind powered caterers
  • E-waste recycling program

Sustainable Events

  • All AWEA events 100% wind-powered, energy consumption offset by wind RECs
  • Event sustainability policy in place requiring purchase of wind RECs to be included in all contracts for future AWEA event venues
  • Programs currently printed by carbon-neutral printer on 100% recycled content paper with vegetable inks
  • Long term plan approved to reduce or eliminate printed programs and surveys at all events
  • Green procurement policy for all promotional products
  • Long term plan to reduce carbon footprint of annual WINDPOWER Conference
  • WINDPOWER Green Team Exhibitor Program
  • WINDPOWER Green Angel Volunteer Program


    • Green Team Lunch and Learns promote sustainable behaviors in employees. Past presentations include:
    • Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) to encourage increased bicycle use
    • Groundswell to encourage staff to purchase wind energy at home
    • The Compost Crew to encourage composting and to identify composting best practices
    • Staff presentations on net zero energy homes, green roofs, and rainwater capturing systems
    • Green Seal to present staff the findings of our office green audit
    • City Blossoms to enourage community and urban gardening
    • Two AWEA volunteer work days with City Blossoms at DC community gardens
    • Annual “Bring your child to work day” to educate children on wind energy
    • Bring your child to work day